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A gifted intuitive with a cosmopolitan background, Sandra’s work as a healer, teacher, and international speaker is a natural outgrowth of her life experiences. Born in Vancouver, Sandra spent her childhood and adolescence in Hong Kong and to this day, remains fluent in Cantonese.  From Hong Kong she moved to England and trained as a physiotherapist working with physically and mentally challenged children.  From there, Sandra returned to Canada and continued her work in physical therapy and began to train in various energy modalities resulting in a shift from physical to metaphysical therapy. She is a practitioner of vibrational energy medicine working with sound, breath and biogeometrics.

Sandra’s direct approach in her work serves to empower people to look inward for solutions and to make personal decisions based on intuition rather than taking personal power away by offering ready answers.

Her natural intuitive ability led Sandra to create and develop SWEET: Self Wellness Energy Evaluation Technique.  Our energy fields are affected daily by the people and events in our lives, SWEET is an energy clearing protocol where a person learns to identify personal energetic disturbances and rectify them.

She went on to found Heart Metta, a heart based modality that connects a person to his or her higher self and intuition opening pathways to greater insight, deactivating negative emotions to increase inner peace.  Sandra facilitates this healing by unlocking the heart through guided meditation, spiritual and sound healing in a safe and nurtured environment.

Drawing from her own life experiences, she provides a catalyst for people to make significant shifts in their lives.

Sandra is the first Canadian to be certified as a Light Language teacher. This form of sacred geometry, a light speed healing technique, has been passed down though twenty-five generations of Mayan Aztec Masters.  Light Language is currently being practised on five continents including North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

In addition to her seminars, Sandra provides one-on-one training for other healers and mentorship programs for the general public.  She has lectured at venues internationally, including the ACEP Energy Psychology Conferences in Toronto, Canada, North Carolina, and Georgia,USA, Light Language Conferences, Arkansas, USA, Canadian Dowsers Conference, Health and the Happiness Festivals, Kuala Lumpur. Her practice currently includes private clients, seminars and workshops in England, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, New Zealand, USA, and Canada.

Sandra has also created energy remedy sprays and a series of sound therapy CD’s titled Pathways To Dimensions.  She is currently working on several books including Practical Energy Management and Sacred Symbols based on Bio-geometric Codes as well as a novel.


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