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September 19 2015(Sat)Embrace Authentic Self (Embrace Your Shadow)

To confront a person with his own shadow is to show him his own light. –Carl G. Jung

Reclaim your passion, perspective, humour, and power !!!

In this workshop you will:

Identify patterns so you stop repeating old mistakes.

See the bigger picture of life.

Access higher levels of light and manifest more quickly.

Clarify what you want in life.

Process hidden issues faster.

Learn to transform your Shadow from the unwanted part of yourself to friend.

Brochure⇨ ShadowJapanSeptember-2

Investment:  $225USD 

Pay here⇨ Embrace Your Authentic Self or by Piatex ありのままで輝く
Location: Square Ebara Access

4-5-28 Ebara, Shinagawa, Tokyo


September 20 2015(Sun)Energy Steps to Better Health  –

Energy Detox by Chi Kung  Healing Sounds & Chakra ReVitalization


Do you ever wake up feeling exhausted, or do you feel tired by the afternoon? We accumulate mental and emotional debris through the daily experience of living and physical toxins from our diet and environment. Just as a detox diet cleans out the toxins in our bodies, a treatment through energy work can release the toxic energetic clutter.

The seven major chakras will be reviewed and you will be shown how to assess and recalibrate the frequency of each chakra to resonate at optimal vibrancy. Discover how chakra recalibration can have an instant positive effect on how you feel!

Energy Detox by Healing Sounds: 9:30 -12:30

Chakra ReVitalization 14:00-17:00
Location: Square Ebara

Brochure⇨ EnergyStepsToBetterHealthSept2015

Energy Detox  $125 – Paypal  or  Peatix

Chakra Revitalization $125- Paypal or by Peatix

 Full Day $225 by Paypal

September 21 2015(Mon)Universal Laws 3  with Sandra Itenson Sweetman


Many have heard of The Law of Attraction – this is only one of the Universal Laws that affects the events in your life. Do you know what the most important factor influences the events in your life?Does life still seem like you are looking for something and yet you are unsure of what that is? In the third of the series on Universal Laws, discover what other laws shape your future. Following these Universal Laws will bring you to a new frequency of a life of joy, peace and harmony without stress and struggle.

Brochure⇨ Universal Laws 3 brochure

If you are new to Universal Laws, ? the recording of the telecast for A Digest to Universal Laws 1&2 is available now in both Japanese and English. To get your copy, click here:

Time: 9:15-17:00, Location Square Ebara, Investment: $225 Paypal or Peatix

September 22 2015(Tue)Manage Your Energy Field  and Produce 100 Times MORE


Our energy fields are affected daily by the people and events in our lives. Learn about the different layers of the aura (human biofield) and how to detect and correct any energy imbalances that may occur. To check energy levels we need to access a feedback system, using Applied Kinesiology.
SWEET is fast, simple to use and very easy to learn. Take this SWEET opportunity to check your own energy field, bring backimbalances and regain full energetic integrity to ensure optimum wellness in mind, body and spirit.

Time: 9:15am-5:00pm, Location:Square Ebara, Brochure⇨ SWEET- Manage Your Energy Field Brochure

Investment: $225USD Paypal or Peatix

September 22 2015(Tues)Heart Metta

HeartMetta candle

Are you looking for easy ways to regain balance in your life and stay centered?

Join ‘Heart Metta’, that is a personal, deeply loving and transformative experience! ‘Heart Metta’ offers original ways to re-invigorate your spirit and bring about lasting energetic shifts.

Sandra Itenson Sweetman was guided to develop this modality ‘Heart Metta’ in June 2008 while in Ireland at the sacred site of Glendalough Lake. Since then she has shared this ‘Heart Metta’ in all over the world including North America, Asia and Europe.

Find out what people are saying about ‘Heart Metta’ here Heart Metta video.  

Heart Metta Brochure⇨Heart MettaSeptember2015 Brochure

↑↑↑ Sandra Sweetman’s No. 1 Recommended ↑↑↑

Time: 6:15pm-9:15pm, Location: Square Ebara, Investment: $80 Payer by Paypal or by Peatix

September 23 2015(Wed)Steps to Manifesting Your Ideal Life 


Our life is a manifestation, and we can very well make that manifestation beautiful and meaningful and have a good influence.” Thich Nhat Hanh

There are Laws to make things happen (manifest). With those certain steps following the Law, you can make things happen  easily and happily without having to make endless efforts or discipline yourself. Join Sandra for a day of fun, laughter and insight and learn techniques that work to assist you in advancing your manifestation abilities.


Time: 9:15am-5:00pm, Location:Square Ebara

Investment: $225 Payhere by Paypal or by Peatix

September 27 2015(Sun)Youting Ceremony 18:30-21:00


The energy of the Harvest Full Moon is when the energies of the moon meet with the energies of the earth in such a way that energetic and physical youthing can occur. Sandra returns to offer this again in Tokyo to allow the powers of youthing to welcome you once again!!!

On this night you are given the opportunity to increase your vitality at the cellular level and reverse the aging process by up to two years! Before the ceremony Sandra will be discussing techniques to maintain youthfulness and vitality.

Youthing Ceremony Tokyo Sept2015

Venue: Square Ebara 

Investment: $95 payer by Paypal or by Peatix 

All the playshops will be held at Square Ebara at 4-5-28 Ebara Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. Access




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