English 2015 May


May 3 2105(Sun)Creation by Light Language Torus


Learn how to use 108 toruses that work with the Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth elements.  These toruses promote health and wholeness in all areas of your life and the lives of others! Prerequisite: None.

Time: 10:00 ~ 13:00、Location:Square Ebara,、Investment:till April 9  8,000円($66 usd)after April 10 9,800円($80 usd)Torus支払い

May 3 2105(Sun)Deepening Intuition


You are already empowered but is that showing in your day-to-day life? Do you feel that  intuitive abilities belong to other people? Do you wish to know who your guides are and gain more insight into your  talents and gifts? Learn how you can increase your intuition smoothly and safely without psychic overload or unwanted energetic interference.

Time :14:30 ~ 17:30、Location:Square Ebara 、Investment:till April 9 12,500円($100usd) after April 10 17,800円($145usd)直観力を深める支払い

May 3 2105(Sun)Sound Healing


Sandra’s direct connection to the higher realms as expressed through vibrations and sound is amazing to experience. Her sessions are clear and deeply beneficial as she facilitates a profound and powerful space for others to heal the core of their issues.


Time :19:30 ~ 21:00、Location:Square Ebara 、Investment:2,500円(bring your friend -1,250円)Contact:brighteventsjp@gmail.com

May 4 2105(Mon)Universal Law


Become a Master of your Destiny instead of a victim of fate. Do you find you are working really hard and yet are not achieving your goals? Does life still seem like you are looking for something and yet you are unsure of what that is? Are you searching for more peace and happiness in your life? Do you know what the most important factor (universal laws) influences the events in your life?

Many have heard of The Law of Attraction – this is only one of the Universal Laws that affects the events in your life. Universal Laws, also referred to as Spiritual Laws or Laws Of Nature are the unwavering and unchanging principles that govern every aspect of the universe and are the means by which our world and the entire cosmos continues to exist, thrive and expand. A universal law is a bond that connects all experience so as to achieve total knowing.

This workshop allows you to, first of all develop an unshakable awareness of the incredible power of these simple truths we call Universal Laws, and then assist you in developing a method to recognize and replace the conflicting and self sabotaging beliefs held which serve to obstruct your success. Following these Universal Laws will bring you to a new frequency of a life of joy, peace and harmony without stress and struggle.

Time :09:00 ~ 17:00、Location:Square Ebara 、Investment:till April 9 121,500円( $175ドル)after April 1027,500円($225usd)宇宙の法則パンフレット

May 4 2105(Tue)Activate your Mate Magnificence


Puzzled about how to find and attain the relationship of your dreams? Tired of spending your weekends talking to your friends about how few good choices there are? Want to do something about it NOW ? Come activate Your Mate Magnificence and you’ll go home with all the missing pieces, and everything you need to make it happen!

Identify and clear out any emotional and subconscious  blocks that are in your way to having exactly the relationship you want. Sandra can help you do this with startling clarity, determination and insight,  through sound and vibrational energy clearing. ソウルメイトを引き寄せる

Location:Square Ebara Room No.2、 Time:9:00 ~ 17:00、Investment:till April 9 22,000円( $175usd)、after April 10 27,500円(225usd)ソウルメイトを引き寄せる支払い


2015 May 9 & 10 2105(Sat.Sun)Light Language


What shape is your aura? Auras come in many shapes and sizes and contain a multitude of colours. Our thoughts create our reality and they show up loud and clear in the auric field. The shamans have taught and modern research has shown that our thoughts are made up of sentences composed of many shapes and colours.

Every time we think a thought, sequences of colored geometries fly out of our heads and into the atmosphere. If we think a particular thought enough times and related thoughts to support it, we create that reality in our auric field and that thought sooner or later will manifest in the physical plane.

Light Language, a sacred teaching passed down from the curanderos of Mexico, moves us to a whole new level of communication. We learn to consciously read and write Light using color and sacred geometries. With that knowledge, we are able to reshape our auras and our lives.

Beginning Light Language: At the beginning level, we work with 7 shaped sequences called grids for reshaping our aura and co-creating the energies in our lives. Learn to recognize color and geometry in our language, thoughts and behaviour. Make instant and long-lasting changes in yourself and your environment.

Intermediate Light Language: Learn powerful healing grids for over 164 diseases. Write 49 shaped grids to create cash, love, spirituality and more. Understand the causes of dis-ease and dis-harmony and re-write the script. Includes a 300 page manual. ライトランゲージ

Location:Square Ebara Room No.4、 Time:9:30 ~ 21:30、Investment:till April 9 52,000円($430ドル)、after April 10 60,000円($490ドル)ライトランゲージ(light language)支払い

May 16 2105(Sat)Heart Metta

sandra shaking hands

Are you and others you know feeling unsettled during these times of constant change?  Are you able to stay calm, optimistic and relaxed as old ways make way for new, or do you find yourself falling down the rabbit hole in spite of all your good intentions? Are you looking for easy ways to regain balance in your life and stay centered?   Are you feeling fulfilled and empowered?

Join Sandra for ‘Heart Metta’, and prepare yourself for an event that is a personal, deeply loving and transformative experience! This playshop offers original ways to re-invigorate your spirit and access inner happiness to bring about lasting energetic shifts.

Sandra Itenson Sweetman,  developed the modality ‘Heart Metta’ in June 2008 while in Ireland at the sacred site of Glendalough Lake. Since then she has shared has presented this playshop in several cities in North America, Asia and Europe. For people wishing to move into new dimensions of being, this master tool is invaluable.

↑↑↑ No. 1 Recommended!!! ↑↑↑

Time: 1:30-16:30、Location:Tokyo(will be announced soon)、Investment:6,500円 





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